Drink enough water

Did you know that your body mostly consists of water ? Around 60 -70 % in your body is water!
It differs a bit per person, age, gender and body fat percentage.
Someone who is overweight has relatively less water.
In recent decades, we have all become a lot heavier and the percentage of water in the body has decreased somewhat.

Water makes your body move.

Water is extremely important for feeling good and moving well. You can survive a few weeks without food, but you can only survive a few days without water. Our body water is everywhere, in your bones, blood, muscles, organs, skin and connective tissue. It is important in controlling your body temperature, transport of nutrients, it takes toxins (poisonous substances) out of your body through urine, it acts as a lubricant and shock absorber in your joints. It is also a major part of your connective tissue.

Connective tissue cannot do without water.

Your connective tissue is a membrane that runs throughout your body and connects everything together. Without your connective tissue you are like a bag of sand. It connects the muscle fibers to muscle bundles to muscles and those back to your bones. Your connective tissue acts as a gel layer between your muscles and your skin and ensures that your skin can slide over the bottom layer. Your connective tissue surrounds your organs and ensures that everything stays neatly in place. Your auricle and your nostrils are made up almost entirely of connective tissue. As mentioned, connective tissue contains a lot of water. It ensures that you are nice and smooth and juicy.

Do you drink too little water? Or do you move too little? Then your connective tissue dries out and becomes stiff and hard, it freezes, as it were. You can think of your connective tissue as a sponge. When moving, you wring the sponge (so connective tissue) and then it fills up again. If you move too little, the sponge (i.e. connective tissue) can no longer fill up with water.

Exercise is crucial to staying flexible, but so is drinking water!


Do you drink too little? Then this also has consequences for your joints. Your joints lose their lubricant, there is friction and the shock absorption also decreases. For example, it can contribute to complaints to your joints. It has not only physical consequences, but also mental ones. You can feel tired and quite irritated if you drink too little water.

So make sure you drink enough water on the day. Some say it really should only be water and tea is not the same. After all, you don’t clean a window with tea, but with water. Therefore, drink a glass of water every hour and at least 2 liters per day.

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