Tips for better mental health

Are you looking for more mental peace in these turbulent times? Then hopefully this article will help you to get there.

Go out in the nature

Go for a walk to get some fresh air, even it’s a quick walk. Try to do it daily and look for nature : the forest, the country fields, a park in the city..

Numerous scientific studies have shown that exercise in nature and greenery lowers your blood pressure and stress hormone, improves your sleep and increases your feeling of happiness. It helps me to recharge my batteries in between work, to worry less, to put things into perspective more easily and to feel more connected to everything that is.

Move at least 30 minutes every day (a good walk also counts)

Even a short walk can help to create more endorphins (happiness hormones) and view life from a different (more positive) perspective. Movement helps me enormously to feel good about myself. Moreover, exercise also helps to neutralize the effect of the stress hormone cortisol, which makes you feel calmer and lose weight more easily.

Take a cold shower in the morning

A blessing for your immune system and natural detoxification! Do you prefer it warm? Start with lukewarm water and turn to cold at the end. You can also start with just your feet and legs, until you get used to the cold. I start with a hot shower and make it little by little colder until it’s cold. When it becomes colder bit by bit I’m focused on my breathing. I take deep breaths in and out. After 25 seconds I don’t really feel the cold anymore. Our body gets used to temperature fluctuations very quickly and naturally benefits enormously from a cold splash.

Want to discover more about the breathing method ? Take a look at the Wim Hof method on YouTube.

Cook with pure natural ingredients, lots of vegetables, fresh herbs and good fats

It’s unbelievable how much influence sugar has on your mental well being and mood!! I’ve experienced this myself when we discovered keto. By replacing sugar and fast carbohydrates with more heathy fats, my mood became a lot calmer and i felt much better in my body. We are just beginners at keto and still finding our way in it but we definitely notice difference!

Think every morning & evening

Think of 3 things what you are grateful for. You can write them down and keep them in a ‘gratitude diary’. It helps to adjust the flow of your thoughts so that you look more positively at the world and can enjoy the little things more like the smile of a stranger, the bird that enthusiastically appeared at your window, the song on the radio that reminded you of a nice memory, the soft warm blankets that you can dive into in the evening to sleep….

Every evening, look at your past day. What you did well, what made you feel good, but also the things you could do better the next day. You can also write this down for yourself and keep it and point it out for yourself the day after.

Listen to your favourite music and watch movies / series that make you laugh

The vast majority of what appears on TV is negative news. If you listen to that news every day, chances are you’ll end up in a spiral of fear. Your body then goes into chronic “fight or flight” mode, constant stress that has a major impact on your physical and mental well-being. The more you can shield yourself from this, the better.

Your thoughts create your reality and help determine what comes your way day in and day out. Life is challenging enough as it is, so try to keep it light and choose music, movies, and series that bring a smile to your face.

Keep in touch

Keep in touch with your friends & family. And surround yourself with positive people where you can be yourself and have a good laugh / time.

Don’t talk all the time about ‘the news’ or about what’s going on in the world, but agree to keep it light. This way you can really move your thoughts and you won’t get stuck in a constant spiral of worry and fear.

Some final thought i would like to share with you

Surround yourself with like minded people, people who believe in you. People who support you, are there for you and most important where you can be you ! Don’t be afraid to show the real you! Don’t think that you aren’t ´´good enough´´. And if you think like that, it’s okay and know you are not alone! I believe we are all connected. We are all different but still are one. Be there for each other, talk with each other, help each other. Do everything with love, stop the hate and judgements.

Read this little article with tips to SEEK RELAXTION !

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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