Chocolate mousse with cookie bottom

You can make this recipe vegan or make it non – vegan.

»»———— ꕥ ————««

What do you need ?
200 gr. chocolate
200 ml. whipped cream
2 gr. agar-agar powder
100 gr. cookies
60 gr. butter

»»———— ꕥ ————««

How to make ?
Step 1. Mix the agar – agar with 2 tbsp. cold water and set this aside.

Step 2. Make the cookies small. You can do this by hand or with a spoon ( I used our herb pestle).
Step 3. Melt the butter
Step 4. Add the melted butter with the cookies and mix by hand or with a spoon.
Step 5. Put this mixture in a container, bowl, glasses, in which you want to serve the chocomouse.
Step 6. Push the mixture very well and place it in the refrigerator (i used again our herb pestle). —>

Step 7. Break the chocolate into small pieves and smelt it au bain – marie

Step 8. Mix the whipped cream with the agar – agar.

On the pictures down below you can see the whipped cream didn´t stiff, i have no idea why he didn´t. I have tried it in different ways.. With the machine, with the hand blender and with a whisk. Nothing happend..

Step 9. Add the chocolate with the whipped cream while stirring. Gently mix this together.

So i just tried it. I added the chocolate with the whipped cream and mixed it gently.

Step 10. Put this chocolate-whipped cream mixture on top of the cookie bottom and place it in the refregerator for at least 2 hours.

»»———— ꕥ ————««

Optional : Take some extra whipped cream and mix this when the chocomouse is in the refregerator so you can put this on top of the chocomouse before serving. I didn´t had extra whipped cream so i grated white chocolate and put that on top.

ꕥ Au bain – marie is a method to melt your chocolate without lumps. You place the chocolate in a heatproof bowl and place it on a pan with slightly boiling water. Make sure no water or steam enter the bowl and that the bottom of the bowl does not touch the water. Let the chocolate melt gently and stir regulary. How you can see on the pictures i have used a smaller pan what fits in the bigger pan with water.


🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤

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