Busy ? Make sure to get some rest

You´ve probably heard the following sentence, but it´s true;
It´s good for everyone to do yoga or meditation of half an hour a day. Unless you are busy… Then you need an hour!

Plan your rest

Maybe you have a busy day planned or you work every day. So it is too difficult to schedule half an hour every day .. Then schedule half an hour every other day. Is this also too difficult for you? Then plan 1 hour a week for relaxation.

You can always plan ahead. Especially when you work and therefore know when you have time off, plan that day time for yourself.

Let yourself be motivated

Especially when you suffer from stress or tension, it´s good to pay attention to your well-being. Feel whether it´s profitable for you. Because when you notice an effect, it´s much easier to do it again a day later, a few days later or the next week and before you know it, it all goes by itself (it becomes a habit) and you´ll take a moment for yourself.

It doesn’t matter whether it ´ s yoga , meditation or anything else , seek relaxation.

What do you do for relaxation ? And do you it daily or weekly ? Let me know in de comments below!

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