What does your heart want ?

The title speaks for itself, but do you know the answer to that question ?

You see successful people around you, or at least online. They have found there passion. They know there spot, do what they like and what they are good in. Oh and yes, they earn money like water with it! It´s that easy. As long you know what your heart want, everything goes how it should go.

Now you are thinking ´yeah passion. When and how do i know mine ? And if you know your passion how could i earn with that ? I just do something in live, the mortgage needs to be paid. And to be completely honest, i have no idea what my heart really wants.´

With this list you are going to find out what your heart wants to tell you.

Everyone does just something.

Just take a look around you, how many people are doing exactly what they thought when they were young ? There is made a switch and sometimes more than one. And that is OKAY!

You doing something, kind of job, you like it at first but it is not what you really like to do. Still you keep going and before you know you are a couple of years further.

It´s okay not to know.

If you don´t know what you hart want, just try to find out! By testing several things. Make a list with things you like to do, what make you happy when your doing it. And now start test every subject, in your free time. See it as a hobby and let it grow. Your heart loves creativity so when are you stop with making excuses and finally start doing something you really like to do. Start testing and find out! but know one thing….. read the next point

Not everything what you are good at is what your heart wants.

I know it is a little confusing but it is true. You can do something what goes very easy and you are good in it. Maybe you liked it before but now it doesn´t give you satisfaction.

For example my sister. She have done an education for children, daycare. She had also worked with her heart and soul for years in this and she still likes it but it does not give her satisfaction. So she stopped working in daycare and now started photography. Something that now gives her satisfaction, something that she really likes and feed her heart.

Look at your own jealousy.

Okay, it´s not the best emotion but it can help you in this situation. You probably recognize the feeling of not being good enough for or in something. Or the jealousy towards someone who does what you would like to do. Turn this jealousy into love, admire this person that he/she achieved what he/she wanted. Use your strenght to do what your heart wants! You won´t get very far with hate and jealousy. Everything must be in balance, in love.

Know what you dont want.

This one is a little easier, know what you don´t want. Take your list and read it again, cross out what really doesn´t suit you.

Let someone look into your eyes.

Let someone who is close to you look into your eyes, when you are talking and the point where your eyes going to sparkle. That subject is something your heart tells you.

I ´ ve leave the best for the last!

Do not believe your head.

This one is a bit of a challenge but it is a very important one. Your head is the voice of your ego. And your ego is everything you believe what is the truth, especially about yourself. Most about the things you can not do well. Things that you think you are not. Your head is often in a survival mode and is focused on survival. So you´ll see any problem a thousand time more sharply than a small succes.

Your heart can best take over. He has confidence by definition. It brings you into a flow, which works a lot better. Solutions come right in. Your heart knows how to find the right people, who make you shine! There is love, help and possibilities. Your heart knows the way.

When i placed 6 years ago tattoos on my fingers, i hadn’t really thought about it what i wanted. I just had this feeling, something in me told me to put these what i have. I was very sure about it so i did those tattoos. Only after a long time, maybe 1 year later or so, after I placed them, the meaning came. I have a little heart on my pinky, for me this tattoo says that I should not make decisions with the head but with the heart. The heart knows what it wants and what is right.

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