Juice without a juicer!

I’ve seen this method several times on Instagram. So now i decided to try it out myself.
And I love it! We have a juicer ourselves, but i like this more because it´s more fun to make and it´s always quite a job to clean the juicer. In the same time i can make the juice with the blender and squeezed it out. The recipe is one of my favorites. It´s so refreshing!

»»———— ❁ ————««

What do you need?
3 apples
4 cumcumbers
1 lemon
piece ginger
hand full of spinach

You also need a blender, a bowl and a cloth (i cut a tshirt in half and used that).

»»———— ❁ ————««

How to make ?
Step 1. Cut everything into pieces
Step 2. Squeeze the limon and put everything in the blender
Step 3. Blend until it is a smooth mixture. Add more water if necessary.

Step 4. Grab a bowl and put your cloth (tshirt) on it.
Step 5. Pour the blender ON the cloth.

Step 6. Take all the end together so that the smoothie can not escape.
Step 7. Start squeezing it now. Keep going until no more juice comes out.
Step 8. And your juice without a juicer is ready!

Enjoy all the benefits of this deliciously refreshing juice!

🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤

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