From seed to plant – mango – update 1

Aloha ꕥ

It´s last minute, BUT  it´s still monday. And monday means that you get an update of the seeds.

Most of the mango seeds were damaged and did not survive, i only have 3 left.. And to be honest, i didn´t pay much attention to it last week. That is because i/we are working on personal project… You will hear more about this soon, but to stay tunes make sure you follow us on instagram, we post there daily.

Don´t you get excited when something you are trying is really working ?! I DO!!
It is so beautiful to see how nature works, i mean, look at this example what we are trying. We eat some fruit, plant the seed and from that there will be a plant and then the plant gives back the fruits. It´s a circle and it is so amazing, it is with so much things in life and it amaze me every damn time!

I´m so enthusiastic that you are going to witness this ´do it yourself´ with me, we will get a plant out one of the seeds!

Anyway back to my 3 mango seeds.. They all starting to grow as you can see on the picture! How cool is that ?! My opinion is that the best way to grow mango seeds is to put them in a little bit of water and not put them on sticks, but this could also be that mine were damaged..

See you next week for update 2.

🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤

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