DIY – dog food

Do you have a four-legged friend that you love so much and take good care of ? Then you better don´t miss this recipe!

»»———— ❀ ————««

What do you need?
500 grams of rice ❁
500 grams of lentils ❁
1 kilo pack of macaroni / pasta

3 carrots
1 zucchini

4 gloves of garlic

Sunflower oil ❁

I used the half of the packs on the picture.

❁ I normally use basmati or brown rice but had this one in the pantry.
❁ It´s best to choose to buy pre-cooked lentils or lentils what cook quickly, otherwise you have to cook them first as how it said on the package.
❁ You can use any type of oil

»»———— ❀ ————««

How to make the dog food ?
We start by putting everything (rice, lentils, pasta) in separate pans with water. Only turn on the heat of the lentils (they take the longest to cook).

Peel the garlic and cut this in small pieces or put it in a garlic press, add this to the rice (i add this by the rice because rice doesn´t take long to cook and therefore doesn´t cook the garlic a long time, which means it keeps his benefits. When you cook it with the rice the taste becomes a little softer and when you put it pure in the food the taste can be very strong.

Then you cut the carrot and the zucchini into small cubes and add them to the pasta. Now you cook the rice and pasta as you normally do (or how it says on the package).

When everything is ready, you put all in 1 large bowl or as i do (because i don´t have a bowl what is that big) i put it in the sink). Now you stir everything together and add a large splash of oil and cover everything with a layer of oats and you stir it again.

The choice is yours now, or you divide it into portions and let it cool down completely or you let it cool down completely and then divide it.

When it has completely cooled down you can freeze it.

»»———— ❀ ————««

Good luck and have fun with making it!

Let me know what your big or little friend thought about this recipe, did he/she liked it ?

🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤

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