Guest blogging, should or shouldn´t you ?

You think because guest blogging is becoming so populair it needs to have pros, isn´t it ? Well it has! But it has also his cons. In this article we go over the pros and cons about guest blogging.


  1. Guest blogging is a very effective way to get more people to visit your blog. Because you can leave in the guestblog a link to your own blog and that has positive influence.
  2. Guest blogging is a great tool for making more contacts. Not only new people to your blog but also for the people you blog for. You can build a bond with them, you ´work´ for them.
  3. If you write in one particular topic people will recognize your faster. But that will also be when you guest blog regularly on the same blog or on more blogs.
  4. When you thinking of letting some one blog for you. It can be a good thing for your blog, Because everyone has a different view of things and write different about things. Which can make it funnier to read for your readers.


  1. When you guestblog on a other blog you need to give the readers a very good reason to leave their favorite blog to go to yours.
  2. As you know, making a blog cost time. So when you write for someone else you are spending your time for this blog and you are not sure wheter it will produce results.
  3. When people like your blogs it can be that the platform will ask you to write more blogs. When you have your own blog you need to really think about it if you want it takes time.
  4. Guest blogging isn´t something that will pay off in a short term. In fact, it often take months before you actually see results.

Tip: If you really want to see results from guest blogging, you will have to blog very regularly.
Tip: If you are a beginner in blogging, you can ask someone to guestblog for free and do it for free in return (if they want). So you can make audience for your blog.

I am curious what you think about it, is guest blogging something for you or do you keep it by your own blog ?

Do you want to be a guest blogger on my blog or want me to be a guest on yours ? Send me a message!

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2 thoughts on “Guest blogging, should or shouldn´t you ?

  1. Guest blogging is an interesting part of the blogosphere, though I haven’t seen it much, or maybe I’m just browsing the wrong tags for that. Nice points you have here. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you for your reaction 🙂 Yes it is interesting. You need to really think about it if you want to do it. Especially if you want to focus on your own blog. Anyway, you are welcome :)!


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