Growing an mango plant from the seed

Since we trying to grow an avocado plant from the seed and our love for mangos is big , I thought, let´s try them too. So i went on the internet and found out something i didn´t know about the fruit…..

You know that big white thing in the middle of the mango, right ? Did you know that thing is not, i repied not, the seed but a shield ?! I didn´t! I have eaten so many mangos in my life and just didn´t know this.. Until now haha.

I don´t know what the best way is to do this so we try both ways here too. Just in the water or on toothpicks and with and without peel.

We´ll check every day if they have enough of water and if there has changed something. Every other day we will change the water en clean the glasses.

The process is as follows. You cut the mango until you only have the shield left. You can eat the rest or use it in a smoothie. After this, you take a knife and carefully insert it into the long side of the shield, now carefully break it open and there is your seed! Clean the seed under the tap, peel it and if you want put in on the toothpickers.

Make sure the seed is always in the water. Place the seed in a warm place but not in a direct sunlight, let it use to the sunlight bit by bit. When a plant starts to grow, you can plant it in to soil. A mango plant likes water, so make sure the soil is moist but not super wet! Heat and moisture are important for a mango plant.

Last week we had mangos, we have already placed these in the water. Since i wasn´t careful enough with opening the shield, only 4 seeds made it. 2 of them are damaged so i´m not sure they will get through. BUT there is already an update on 1 of these 4 seeds, a small plant has started to grow, how you can see in the picture below. Last weekend we had mangos again and we have put them on the water in a different way.

Finger crossed, be patience and see you next week for another update on the mangos!

🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤

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