From seed to plant – avocado – update 1

Aloha ꕥ

Last weekend the boys and i put a lot of avocado seeds in the water, you can read that here. Everyday we checked the avocados, wheter there were any changes or wheter we needed to fill water.

We had a warm week here in Spain and since we placed them outside we had to refill them with water almost daily. We cleaned the glasses and gave clean water every other day.

Some of the seeds are starting the break open, that means that there will be soon a root coming out! Fingers crossed that we don´t have to wait too long for that. From then on it is a faster process. It is a fun and educational to do this together with your children. Talk to them about the process and involve them in everything. They really like this. Children are curious and eager to learn.

Do you like mangos as well ? check it out here how to grow them from the seed.

See you next week for update 2.

🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤

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