Growing an avocado plant from the seed

Advocados are super healthy and we love them, we eat them almost daily. Last weekend i peeled all the avocado seeds with the boys and put them in the water. Every day we check if there is a change and every other day we change the water and clean the glasses. Also here on the blog we´ll keep you up to date, weekly.

On the internet you can find so much information on how to grow an advocado plant from the seed, but everyone does it on his own way. The one peels the peel the other does not, the one put them on toothpicks the other puts them all in a bowl of water. Since we eat many avocado we have a lot of seeds that is why we´ve decided to do both variations for this blog. I can´t tell you which option is the best, last year we had avocado seeds in the water with peel and only 1 came out. I just potted them in the ground and then one of the dogs took it.

It can take 6 to 8 weeks before you will see something changing. So you have to have patience if you want to try this yourself. So be prepared that it can take long and that not every seed will grow.

The process goes like this, when you have put the seed on the water and have waited for a time, shall the seed first break a little and on the under side comes a root, on that root will come little roots, this last part doesn´t always happen. A little plant will grow on the top of the seed. When this plant is between 5 and 15 cm you can put it in the ground. Make sure that the plant receives enough heat and light from the start, also when you have put him in the ground. BUT don´t put him in the direct sunlight because then you´ll burn his leaves. Give him enough of water, an avocado plant loves to drink. So make sure the ground is wet, but not too wet!

Do you have grown an avocado plant or going to try this out, i would like to see how yours looks, feel free to send me a picture!

Are you also a fan of mangos? Then also check how you grow them yourself.

🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤

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