Our love story

Aloha ꕥ,

I am taking you back to the summer of 2013 when Milenco and Priscilla started a relationship. They had only seen each other once in real life, but had conversations over the phone for hours long. Priscilla had found her prince on the white horse, her prince charming. She was in the last year of school but it was vacation. He had just ended his relationship so she was with him a lot.

They know each other for 3 weeks and went on holiday to Thailand for 3,5 weeks! Her first time. It was really the ultimate relationship test. But they have succeeded in that! From moment 1 they had a connection, immediately got along with each other and had hours of conversations. Shared their deepest secrets and were completely open and honest with each other about everything. They knew for sure, they are soulmates. Such a connection and an energy ♡.

After the 3,5 weeks holiday on the other side of the world Priscilla packed all of her stuff and moved in by Milenco and his dog Diablo, he had his own house.

When they were together for exactly sic months, on 21-12-2013, Milenco proposed to Priscilla. Which se of course answered yes! Almost a year later on 15-12-2014 they got married and went on a honeymoon for 6 weeks, again to Thailand.

It was april 2015 when they got pregnant. What a suprise! Because they had to cancel their holiday to Thailand in the winter of 2015, they wanted to go on holiday with just the two of them before their child was born. They went on vacation to Spain. During and after this holiday they thought to their own : ´this could become our new home´. So they decided to go back to Spain a month later, house hunting. And yes, they fell for a finca in a beautiful location, surrounded by nature, on the top of the mountain. Completely remote from civilization. What a peace! THIS is what they wanted, at that point in their lifes, but first the birth of their first child.

On 26 – 12- 2015 they welcomed there first son, Alano. What is it beautiful to get the change to be parents. They were so in love with there new born baby ♡.

Since february 2016 it is official, they are proud owners of the finca surrounded by nature. That is why the first time as a family on vacation with the mobilehome was planned an month forward.

In september 2016 they find out they where pregnant from there second child. Which in june 2017 was born. There second son, Bodhi.

In the main time they enjoyed there second home in Spain. It was paradice for them and the children. What a freedom and what a peace! They saw themselfs living there.

Milenco & Priscilla went in june 2018 for the first time to the Philippines, without children. From the first moment they felt for the country. It felt so nice, trusted. They thought immediately on Thailand, even that it was totally different, but the feeling was the same. They had amazing vacantions, without children. That is why they´ve been 3 times more to the Philippines in 1 year. Only the last time it was different… Priscilla was expecting baby number 3!

In the summer of 2019 they got a not great experience / life lesson on there path. There second son, Bodhi, was in life danger. He had an infection/bacterie but he healed from it and is back healthy.

Now could Priscilla totally focussing and enjoying the pregnancy. Because it is so beautiful to experience it ♡. On 08 – 01 – 2020 there 3th baby was born, Maui, and again it is a boy!

In the main time the 3 boys are growing and growing, like the plans from Milenco & Priscilla keep on growing. Together they set there goals for there future and working on this. If you want to know what the future brings them, follow this blog, follow there facebook and follow there instagram so you keep up to date!

I like it when people have a story to tell. One that (just to put an label on it en put it in a cube) not is a ´standard´ or not an ´every day´ life story. Feel free to share your story with me and maybe we will have a great conversation about it or maybe there comes a friendship from.


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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