My first time to Thailand

I had never been on an airplane for so long (it was only the second time in my life that I got on an airplane) and certainly not with someone that I actually didn´t know well. Yes, it was a challenge but also very exciting so we were really looking forward to it. We flew with airline Emirates and had a stop on Dubai airport. We had conversations for hours, watched movies together and we slept, of course. The time flew by!

Milenco has been in Thailand since he was 15, every year, and also has been backpacking there alone. So he knew what to expect. He didn´t tell me much about it but he had the feeling that I would like the country. I didn´t know what to expect, didn´t know much about the country and also didn´t do any research. All I knew was that it was a Buddhist country, that it would be warm, that the kitchen apparently had to be good and that there was a time difference with the Netherlands (7 hours ahead). So i surrendered, let it go and had faith in Milenco, someone I actually didn´t know at all but who I had a connection with from moment 1.

When we arrived in Bangkok we took a shuttle van to Hua Hin. When you arrive at the airport you go all the way down where the taxi´s and buses are. Here you can reserve the van to the destination. It is a luxury van, you get a bottle of water, have a lot of legroom and you can fold you seat, so that was just sleeping further for me, I was so tired..

We had booked a resort (La-or resort) for the first few days in Hua Hin. We would see it all from there on. When we arrived at La-or resort we took a swim and went to bed because it was night when we arrived.

It seemed like a dream to me. A completely different world, such lovely and friendly people. Such a wonderful atmosphere and energy I felt. I immediately felt at home. And that already saying the first night!

This first few days we mainly relaxed. We got up, packed our bikes, what we rented (and I really recommend it!) and had breakfast somewhere. We went to the beach for few hours. Explore a little and after that we got our selfs a drink, mostly it was a ice coffee. And then back to the resort to relax by the pool until it got dark (which happens between 5/6pm.) Then we dress up, took our bikes and went to eat somewhere. And let me tell you the kitchen what apparently needed to be good, what I said above is really good, delicious! It is true, the Thai kitchen is very tasty! At least you have to love it, it spices and herbs. It certainly suited me! After dinner we went always through one of the night markets and then back to the resort. It was such a great time!

After those days we went traveling around. First we went to island Koh Tao, we rented here a scooter and went to the resort which we had booked when we were in Hua Hin. It was a beachfront bungalow. I couldn´t believe my eyes, here it was even more beautiful and relaxed than Hua Hin. It was still like I was dreaming. We have been here for a few days, relaxed, explored the island and got tattoos done in the traditional way. This is done by hand, a bamboo stick with needles in, which you can keep afterwards. From Koh Tao we went to island Koh Samui, this was another boat ride for a few hours. Arrived there we rented a scooter and went driving around to find some place to sleep. We hadn´t booked anything this time. We spent 3 hours driving around on the scooter and had seen several places but found nothing what we liked. In the end we decided not to be too picky and just grabbed one because we were devastated from the rides. The next day when we were exploding the island we passed an apartment complex with 6 luxurious rooms. We went to have a look and booked it immediately, went to get our stuff and went to there. We had our own little kitchen, living room, big balcony, king-size bed, shower, bath and there was a swimmingpool. What a luxury!

We also had the first heavy rain there, we were in the rain season in Thailand but for so far we didn´t had rain. And still, it was like I was dreaming! We have been on Koh Samui for a couple of days and then on to the next island, Phuket. We personally didn´t liked it there. So that same afternoon we decided to continue traveling to Koh Phiphi. Arrived at the Phiphi island we found quick a place to sleep. And again we relaxed and explored the island for a couple of days. The last few days we stayed in Hua Hin to do the same what we did before and all vacation long.

I felt in love with Thailand! What a beautiful country, lovely people and delicious food!
So in love that when we got back home we immediately booked tickets for the next year, which became our honeymoon.

🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤

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